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Smart Business Loans
Every business needs a financial leverage in its operational life cycle. At FACT, we act as a catalyst to get your business funded with smart loans and grow your business.

Bank Loan Syndication is the process of formulating a credit request, preparing a detailed project report along with the necessary documents, submitting the requests to banks or financial institutions and obtaining sanction & disbursement of credit facilities.
Stages of loan successful loan procurement and Disbursement:
  • Project Report Preparation
    FACT can help syndicate bank loan for your business. Bank loan for your business can be syndicated for your business within in 1 - 3 months, based on credit worthiness and other factors.
  • Project Preparation
    Based on our understanding of your Business and the information collected, our Financial Experts will formulate a detailed project report for your business.
  • Understanding
    Prior to preparing the Detailed Project Report, our team of Financial Experts will work with you to understand your business model, proposed plans and capital requirement.
  • Project Finalization
    Once the detailed project report is prepared, we will submit the same to Banks and financial institutions and work with you until the capital is syndicated.
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